Kaiafas is a tourist village southwest of Ilia , settlement of Zacharo. Kaiafas is 2.5km far from Zacharo. The settlement is located in St. Catherine’s island in the center of Kaiafa lake.

Ancient Olympia

Olympia was the greatest sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus , father of the gods and people. It was the home of Olympic games which was performed as part of Olympion , the most important feast of the Greece ancient world.


Zacharo is a small town southwest of Greece in west Peloponnese. It belongs in municipal of Ilia and it the region of western Greece. Zacharo is 32km far from Pyrgos , 24km far from Olympia and about 30km far from Kyparissia. It is famous for it’s beaches , the Kaiafa lake and the thermal springs of Kaiafa.

Temple of  Apollo Epicurius

Temple of Apollo epicurius is located  at Bassae Figalia. It is one of the greatest and the most impressive temples of the ancient Greece. It is dedicated to Apollo because according to the ancient mythology he helped the settlement of Figalia to overcome a pandemic. The temple is located on the top of a mountain in Bassae at an altitude of 1130 meters.

Saint Theodora

The temple of St.Theodora  is a unique phenomenon and it is one of the most remarkable sights of Arkadia. The Church was build at around 1050-1100bc in honor of Martyr St.Theodora. It is located near the village vasta of Megalopolis in a wooded , idyllic stream covered from a thick forest full of acorns.


Neda is a Greek river located in the borders of  Ilia and Messinia.  The river springs from mountain ‘’Lykaios’’ . It is flowing west and empties in Ionian sea between the coasts of Kyparissia and Zacharo. The river is crossing through a canyon with rich vegetation. Along it’s path waterfalls are created. The biggest one is located near Figalia in it is 50meters high.


Voidokilia beach is in Messinia and it is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Aegean. It is famous for it’s round shape which looks like greek letter ‘’Ω’’ . It is located north of Pylos  in the coast of Ionian sea and abuts the Gialova lagoon from which is separated by a strip of dunes. The beach and the surrounding area has been characterized as places of outstanding natural beauty and it is integrated in to the natura 2000 project.  South of Voidokilia is located the cape of ‘’Koryfasio’’. Here we can find the ruins of old town of Pylos.


Central Offices: Zacharo Elis

Telephone: 26250 333 31

Mobile: 6988 29 49 79

Tzirachos Antonis: +30 694 426 1432